Municipal Law

Sager & Smith offers legal services, expertise and advice to numerous New Hampshire towns. Whether it is a telephone conference with the Town Administrator regarding a personnel issue, attendance at a Planning Board meeting for discussions on new zoning ordinances, or litigation in Superior or Supreme Court enforcing or defending the municipality’s regulations, Sager & Smith is always there.

Real Estate

Sager & Smith offers a full range of real estate services from simple deed preparation to complex real estate or business transfers. Whether you are an individual, business, bank or developer, our attorneys will research and prepare any and all documentation necessary to complete the transaction.

Some of our services include services:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Asset Purchase Agreement and all Related Exhibits
  • Deed/Lease Preparation
  • Title Search
  • State Document Preparation
  • Preparation of Covenants or Homeowners Association Documents
  • Obtaining Pay-Off Information
  • Mortgage and/or Promissory Note Preparation
  • Discharge of Mortgages
  • Recording Documents with Registries of Deeds
  • Complete Closings
  • Private & Municipal Real Estate Auctions

Estate Planning

Sager & Smith puts you first while you are busy taking care of everyone else. Estate planning that only protects you and your family after you are gone only protects you part of the way. Your estate plan must comprehensively protect you and your family members in case of an incapacitating illness or injury to you, or in the event you or a family member falls onto hard times, and finds themselves with deep debt problems and overbearing creditors. Some clients face difficult decisions if a family member becomes ill or incapacitated, has a child with special needs, or has a looming divorce or a particularly difficult spouse. These are all issues that should be addressed with your estate planning attorney.

As well as the disposition of your estate when you have passed away, you leave yourself vulnerable to unnecessary court interference and unnecessary expense if you do not have a full collection of documents that designate your health and financial agents, executed while you are in possession of your full mental and physical capacity.

Not enough of us plan effectively for incapacity while we are alive. Sager & Smith wants you to sleep soundly knowing that you and your family are protected for most eventualities.